Welcome to the Portland Poetry Reading Group web site.

We are a relaxed group of like minded people who gather monthly to read and listen to poetry.

You don't have to read to come to our group. You can sit and enjoy a couple of hours just listening to the readings, then enjoying the social cuppa that follows.

The meetings are therapeutic in an enjoyable relaxing fashion, as poems written through the ages come from the heart to the mind, in words that fall on the soul with soothing effect. Some poems provoke humour, others the sympathetic intensity of feeling of humanity, still others inflame the passions of heroism, more yet the pathos of romance. Narrative based poems offer the relief of escapism.

Over the years we have been learning and increasing our knowledge of poets through the ages. Such as Chaucer, Milton, Shakespeare, Herrick, Elliot, Burns, Yeats, Keats, Shelley, Slessor, Hope, Patterson, Lawson, Wright, Dennis and Anon, amongst others too varied and numerous to mention.

For further information you can email the secretary, (ensure that you mention that you are enquiring of the Portland Poetry Group), (this may take some days to get through), enquire at The Portland Arts Centre, or simply come along to our next meeting.