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In 1982 a small group of Portland people, interested in fibre techniques and craft, met to establish a group with similar interests. The aim of this group was to share knowledge and try new ideas and variations of techniques. A basic knowledge of spinning would be a pre-requisite, for participation, and members would be free to work at their own projects or attend classes as they pleased.

Thus the Portland Fibre Group was born. It incorporated the pre-existing "Portland Spinners & Weavers Group" which was also a member of CEMA.

Highlights of our history have been:

1984 - A Tapestry to commemorate the 150th anniversary of white settlement in Portland.

1986 - A Tapestry for the International Year of Peace.

1988 - A Tapestry to commemorate the visit of the Tall Ships.

2001 - A Tapestry of the Portland Coat of Arms.


In July 1983, Ann Greenwood, sponsored by The Craft Council of Victoria, visited Portland to conduct a workshop on weaving and textiles.