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The Portland Artists' Society was formed in October 1988 at a meeting at Otway Manor by about 20 interested persons including Sandra Kranz, Emmie King, Jackie Savin and Cr Keith Wilson. They were not a CEMA group at the time, and it was some years before they came into the fold.

CEMA had had its own Artists' Society since its early days but by 1988 this had largely run down. Jeanette Huppatz & Annette Downes were its two remaining members. They joined the new "Portland Artist Society" soon after its inception.

The PAS used to meet in members houses and at the (then) CEMA Arts Centre. It then started up "Art Works" at 3 Henty St, (now the Woolpress Medical Clinic), which they operated for 3 years. They used the premises as a painting gallery but also let out studio space.

When "The Arts Company" started up in Julia St in 1995 the Portland Artists' Society was one of the first groups there. They got the shop going in order to sell their paintings.

Highlights of our history have been:


The Annual Exhibition at the CEMA Arts Centre, as part of "Pioneer Week" for 3 or 4 years, (before the inception of the annual Rotary Art Exhibition).


The Hall's Gap tutoring weekends with Hermann Peckel in the early 1990s.


The Bridgewater Weekend Camps with Terry Jarvis for 3 years.