A Tribute To Portland's Heroes

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The Arts Company, with backing from the Glenelg Shire Council and a grant from the Government set out to make a real contribution to the 150th anniversary of the rescue of the survivors of the wreck of the Admella by the Portland lifeboat and other craft. This was achieved by producing a multimedia installation in the Studio Gallery. All groups contributed to this commemoration:

The Artists' Society produced a set of hanging portraits, ostensibly of the 15 original lifeboat crew members.

The Leadlighters' Guild produced a window designed by Bob Stone as well as various Mirrors, Prisms and Hangings of a nautical flavour.

The Portland Bay Press held their own exhibition in their premises and member Bob Stone held his own exhibition at the PAC, (these exhibitions are recorded elsewhere in these pages)

The Fibre Group crocheted nets to display with the other items.

The Pioneer Quilters made stuffed fish to hang in the nets.

The Camera Club produced a LARGE montage of 600 photos with a coastal theme, (and Bruce the shark).

Ziggy Stiemer of the Woodturners' Guild produced a beautifully detailed wooden model ship: The Black Prince.

The "Creative Kids" after-school program at The Arts Company contributed a fabric collage and a group of drawings.

Thanks to the Arts Company executive, Ebony Yuill, Bob Stone, Heather Clark and others for conceptualising this installation and making sure this thing got off the ground. To Darren from History House for providing the original photos and Warren Mars for converting these to portrait templates. Finally, thanks to those who spent all Sunday hanging and arranging this exhibition: Ross & Heather Clark, Bob Stone, Warren Mars, Lesley Jackson and Jeanette Huppatz.

* A note for the historically fastidious: Yes, only 3 of the portraits here are of members of the original 1859 rescue team, namely: Charles Patterson Snr, Thomas Ward and James Fawthrop, the others are from the 1883 Portland lifeboat crew. This is because we could find no photos of the remaining original members. It was felt that substituting portraits of the later crew was justified because a) they were doing the same job in the same boat and b) in many cases they were the sons of original crew members.

Portland Leadlighters' Guild - Admella Survivors Rescue

Installation from the entrance

Anna Deacon - Alfred Patterson

Acrylic on acetate

Anna Deacon - 'Buff' Thompson

Acrylic on acetate

Elsie Price - Charles Patterson Jnr

Acrylic on acetate

Elsie Price - John Guy

Acrylic on acetate

Elaine Shelton - Thomas Ward

Acrylic on acetate

Helena - Alex McDonald

Acrylic on acetate

Joan Beattie - Richard Dusting

Acrylic on acetate

Jeanette Huppatz - Charles Patterson Snr

Acrylic on acetate

Jeanette Huppatz - Robert McWilliams

Acrylic on acetate

June Lynch - John Pill

Acrylic on acetate

Jenny Ward - James Pill

Acrylic on acetate

Margaret Beames - Alex Bachius

Acrylic on acetate

Warren Mars - George Dusting

Acrylic on acetate

Warren Mars - Johnnie Dusting

Acrylic on acetate

Warren Mars - James Fawthrop

Acrylic on acetate

Hanging portraits detail left front

Hanging portraits detail right front

Hanging portraits detail left

Hanging portraits detail right

Hanging portraits detail centre rear

Hanging portraits detail centre mid

Portland Camera Club - Coastal Montage

Leadlight Mirrors

Leadlight Hangers - window 1

Leadlight Hangers - window 2

Leadlight prisms, shells and driftwood

Angel Fish

Mounted Seahorse


Red Fish



Ziggy Stiemer - "Black Prince"

Metal Fish

Rusty Lanterns

Creative Kids - Fabric Collage

Creawtive Kids - Drawings

Installation Opening

Lesley Jackson's Speech

Ebony Yiull's Speech

Speech Audience

Anna & Kevin Deacon

Anna Deacon, Joan Beattie, Jeanette Huppatz & Kevin Deacon

Ebony Yuill, Jan Colliver, Karl Hatton & Ron Colliver

Steve Robertson, Les Beattie & Ebony Yuill

Maureen Coxall & Mavis Jennings

Bob Stone, Gordon Stokes et al

Bob Stone & Ross Clark

Nikki Adams, Karl Hatton et al

Cor Milus, Steve Robertson, Clarkston & Miriam Ray & Heather Clark

Warren Mars