Pioneer Quilters 2008

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Various - Circles Project

Carmel Jasper - Angels

Carmel Jasper - Christmas Angels

Carmel Jasper - Little Boxes

Daffodils Quilt for anti-cancer raffle in Arts Company front window

Diane Malcolm - Aussie Barbie

Diane Malcolm - Christmas Tree

Diane Malcolm - Flowers in a Vase

Diane Malcolm - Joy to the World

Diane Malcolm - Kids at Heart

Diane Malcolm - Quilt

Diane Malcolm - Row By Row 1

Diane Malcolm - Santa Cloth

Diane Malcolm - Beside the Sea

Glenys Sharrock - Bolster Cushion

Glenys Sharrock - 70th Birthday Quilt front

Glenys Sharrock - 70th Birthday Quilt rear

Glenys Sharrock - Odds & Ends

Heather Rowbottom - Crazy Patchwork with a Difference

Heather Rowbottom - Look through the Window

Mavis Jennings - Bag

Mavis Jennings - Friendship Quilt

Mavis Jennings - Hexagon Bag

Mavis Jennings - Mystery Quilt

Mary Sharrock - Bag

Mary Sharrock - Bargello

Mary Sharrock - Friendship Quilt 1

Mary Sharrock - Friendship Quilt 2

Mary Sharrock - Embroidered Wall Hanging

Mary Sharrock - Round Robin

Marj Sparrow - Stardust

Marj Sparrow - Crazy Patchwork Cushion

Marj Sparrow - Machine Cover

Marj Sparrow - Thank You

Portland Pioneer Quilters - Group Project