Deep Cuts

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I have for many years had a compulsion to draw and have done many pen and ink sketches, mostly for my own amusement; the same with watercolours. I have tried other printing techniques but find linocuts the most satisfying in terms of the physical process and the mental exercise in making the correct choice of what to cut.

Linocut is a printmaking technique in which a sheet of linoleum is cut into to remove unwanted material, ink is then applied to the remaining surface and a piece of paper pressed onto it to reveal the image. The technique is often used with art students as an introduction to the world of printing.

The use of lino as an art form started at the beginning of the 20th century and was at its height of popularity of in the early part of the century. Australian artists such as Norman Lindsay, Thea Proctor and Margaret Preston were popular exponents of the technique. The technique still hold its appeal as a 'hands on' type of art which forces the artist to make choices about what will be black or white as well as creating the image in be revealed the right way around when printed.

Portland and its surrounds are full of interesting things that when looked at through the right eyes offer inspiration for making pictures.

- Bob Stone 2008

Bob Stone - Band in the Bush 1

Bob Stone - Band in the Bush 1

Bob Stone - Cape Nelson Light in the Afternoon

Bob Stone - Cape Nelson Light in the Morning

Bob Stone - Lake Condah Mission 1

Bob Stone - Lake Condah Mission 2

Bob Stone - Felis Catus Caught

Bob Stone - Games 1

Bob Stone - Games 1

Bob Stone - Games 1

Bob Stone - Harbour Jetty

Bob Stone - Portland Canal

Bob Stone - Portland Jetty

Bob Stone - Transition

Bob Stone - Yabby

Andy Govanstone - Cormorant

Annette Taylor - Untitled

Bronwyn Mibus - Oriental Lily

Dan Joseph - Mandela

Heather Richardson - Owl

Heather Richardson - Greetings from Portland 1

Heather Richardson - Greetings from Portland 2

Lynne Hollis - Banded Birds (Colour)

Lynne Hollis - Mouse House (Colour)

Phil Cousins - Autumn Sunset

Phil Cousins - Blossom

Paula Tsernjavski - From the Mantle

Stella Thomas - The Hills Beyond Heywood

Therese Dolman - Black Trees

Therese Dolman - Red Trees

Exhibition opening crowd 1

Exhibition opening crowd 2

Bob Stone, Nicki Adams & Karl Hatton

Bill Golding & Jan Colliver

Andy Govanstone, Rebecca Marriott & the Wallaces

Bob Stone's speech at the opening

Speech audience 1

Speech audience 2

Therese Dolman & Bronwyn Mibus

Warren Mars