PAS Cigar Box Auction

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On the Sunday, the 4th of September the Portland Artists' Society held an exhibition of 9" x 5" paintings, (the famous cigar box size). Each artist donated a painting, to be auctioned for the Anti Cancer Appeal. These were successfully auctioned by Des Davies.

Music was played by June Roberts and Warren Mars, making a very pleasant and happy day. The paintings remained on exhibition until the end of the month.

Exhibition sign

Open doors

Works on show pre-auction 1

Works on show pre-auction 2

Jenny Ward - Airey's Inlet

Betty Trewavis - Ducks

Betty Trewavis - Feeding Time

Hayley Rundell - Long Shadows

Tony Ashby - Maori Thoughts

Marguerite de Boffin - Daisies

Sheila Swain - Moonlight On Water

Ailene McGarvie - On The Jetty

Elaine Shelton - Reflections

Joy Schultz - Riding Holiday

Rough Day Bridgey

Elaine Shelton - Sea Spray

With A Bottle

Marguerite de Boffin - Toy Trio

Warren Mars & June Roberts provide music

The Auction

Jenny Ward's speech

The audience 1

The audience 2