CEMA 60th Anniversary

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Portland CEMA Inc. celebrated its 60th anniversary by inviting acclaimed Australian composer George Dreyfus to bring his ensemble to Portland on July 30th and stage 2 concerts of his works.

The first concert, staged in the afternoon, was largely a concert for the children, featuring a screening of 4 of the episodes of "Sebastian The Fox", a series of short programs made by the ABC in the 60s under the direction of Tim Burstall for which George Dreyfus wrote the music. The series featured the endearing antics of a rascally marionette fox. The screening was accompanied by George Dreyfus' 5 piece ensemble which was conducted from the violin by his son Jonathon. The children enjoyed participating in the event being wonderfully encouraged and led in the singing by compere and baritone Ian Lowe.

In the evening the Dreyfus Ensemble backed up with a series of George Dreyfus' early compositions for woodwind trio and violin, some solo pieces featuring the talents of the violin, flute and clarinet players, and finishing with George Dreyfus' setting of "Galgenlieder" featuring baritone Ian Lowe singing the original text in German.

In the interval champagne and finger food was served in the main gallery which was officially named the "CEMA Gallery" by councilor Gilbert Wilson, in order to preserve the name in the building, since the "CEMA Arts Centre" had been just renamed the "Portland Arts Centre".

A massive birthday cake was wheeled onto stage and CEMA life members Lex & Don Chalmers, Dawn Turner and Betty Vivian stood behind it as "Happy Birthday" was sung, and Jonathon Dreyfus swooped on it blowing out the candles!

A happy night to remember.

"Sebastian The Fox" on screen.

Some of the Sebastian audience.

Some of the Sebastian audience.

Jan Colliver At The Sebastian screening.

The George Dreyfus Ensemble at the Sebastian screening.

Champagne is served at the evening interval.

CEMA Life Members & President Jan Colliver light the candles.

Life Members Lex & Don Chalmers, Dawn Turner & Betty Vivian join the singing.

Jonathon Dreyfus blows out the candles!

Lex & Don Chalmers

Dawn Turner & Helen Anderson.

The audience at interval.

Berice & Alan Jones.

Leigh & Rebecca Marriott.

Phil Darby & Lyn Murrell

Sharon & Frank Thompson with Syd Cuffe.

CEMA President Jan Colliver gives a speech.

Glenelg Shire CSO Karl Hatton gives a speech.

Glenelg Shire Councilor Gilbert Wilson gives a speech.

Speech audience.

The George Dreyfus ensemble take a bow.