Portland Artists' Society Exhibition

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The 2004 Annual Portland Artists' Society Exhibition was held in the Supper Room at the Portland Civic Hall in conjunction with the "Take Note" music festival run by Music Glenelg. A wide range of material was exhibited by a wide range of artists, most of whom were members of the Portland Artists' Society.

Ian Rankin - Blowin' In The Wind

Hayley Rundell - Blue Sky Mine

Joy Schultz - Born Free

Sue McGarvie - Bright Eyes

Brigitte Boettger - Color My World

Jeanette Huppatz - Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay

Betty Trewavis - Eventide

Pat Farquhar - Lady In Red

Jenny Ward - Lighthouse

Pam Sillard - Pretty Woman

Ilona Koehnlechner - Ships In The Night

Lldalyn Fredericks - Stormy Weather