Arts Co 10th Anniversary Exhibition

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The evening of the 19th of November marked the opening of the exhibition to celebrate 10 years of the Arts Company. Arts Company member groups were asked to provide work for the exhibition, all of which were to be for sale.

Drinks and finger food were provided and a social atmosphere was created with Warren Mars & June Roberts providing background music on violin/banjo and keyboard. Suitable speeches were made and the Music Glenelg Federation Bell Ringers gave a short performance.

Annette Taylor - Water Harmony


Red Gum Bowl

Bob Sharrock - Table

Betty Trewavis - Laugh For Your Supper

Daniel Joseph - The Gathering

Elaine McDonald - Christmas Wall Hanging

Berice Jones & Mary Sharrock

Graeme Firth, Joy Ralph, Phil Darby & Dorothy Longney

June Lazell et al

Paul Worden et al

Joan Beattie - Decoupage Platter

Josephine Koch - Horse Tray

June Roberts & Warren Mars provide Music

Jenny Ward - Yellow Rock

Karl Hatton makes a Speech

Kathy Page - Serenade

Marcel Hoog Antink - Bonky The Pobblebonk

Music Glenelg Federation Bell Ringers

Mary Sharrock - Quilt

Platypus Leadlight

Peter Schumann - Free Standing Urn

Ship Quilt

Tony Adams - Orchid