First Annual Report

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Annual Report - Portland C.E.M.A. 25 September 1946

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have great pleasure in presenting to you the first annual report dealing with the activities of the Portland Branch of C.E.M.A.

Our branch came into being on July 20th, 1945, when a meeting called for the purpose was held in the Town Hall. Mr McClintock (a speaker from the Victorian division of CEMA), outlined the growth of the movement, and its formation in Australia, and described the aims and the present activities of the Coop.

Mr W.J. Williamson moved, and Mr Murrell seconded, and it was carried unanimously that a branch of CEMA be formed in Portland.

A draft Constitution was then submitted, and after minor amendments agreed upon.

The following officers were elected:

    President: Mr John S. Harris

    Vice-Presidents: Mrs H.V. McLeod and Mr F. Arnold

    Joint Secretaries: Misses J. Beglen and G. Hodge

    Treasurer: Mr F. Redfern

    Committee: One member from each group to be nominated.


    Literature and Speech Arts: Mr H. Moody

    Drama: Mrs H.V. McLeod

    Music: Miss E. Hogan

The first meeting was held in the High School on Monday, 30th July, 1945, and took the form of a social evening.

From time to time, your executive has met and discussed matters affecting the general policy of CEMA, and members of each group have put forward matters affecting their groups and the branch as a whole. I consider these meetings of the executive to be vitally important, and in my opinion they should be held more frequently.

Several General Meetings have been held to discuss points of general interest.

We shall have an opportunity later this evening to hear reports from the conveners of the various groups as to their activities, and I propose to confine my report to the combined efforts made during the past year.


Grand CEMA Concert: Friday, 14th December, 1945. This was our first appearance before the Public and was a great success both as to the quality of the presentation and also financially. The nett profit of 26/16/6, was divided between the hospital building fund and CEMA.


The State Secretary of CEMA, Miss Wellesley-Smith during her holiday in Portland, arranged a concert held in the Wesley Church on 2nd January, 1946: artists being George Wellesley-Smith (baritone), Nina Seex (contralto) and Harry Roberts (organist). The proceeds in aid of the Hospital Building Fund amounted to 16/7/3.


The second CEMA concert was given on Tuesday, 20th August, 1946 - about a year after the inception of our Portland branch. Owing to consistent effort by the conveners and their groups, very appreciable improvement was apparent, and I desire to congratulate everyone on their very fine performance. The nett proceeds amounted to 34/14/3 and were again shared equally by the Hospital Building Fund and CEMA.

On many other occasions CEMA has assisted to bring the Arts before the Public. To mention a few:


The Talent Quest held at The Star Theatre,


A Concert at Heywood,


Pleasant Sunday Afternoons at the Wesley Church and at The Star Theatre,


and many others.

Another concert in aid of the Portland Citizens' Band Uniform Fund is to be held on Thursday this week.

One feels that the cultural training afforded by CEMA has given artists and hearers alike very great pleasure, and has resulted in greater appreciation of the Arts - this of course, is our primary aim.

A Balance Sheet will be presented to you by the Treasurer which will reveal a very healthy state of affairs, shewing a credit balance of 46/7/4.

Our thanks are due to those who have assisted in many ways, such as donations of music scores, cartage of effects and so on. The action of the Borough Council in donating the sum of twenty pounds was greatly appreciated, as it shewed that we have the support of the Town's civic representatives.

There are at present about eighty members of the Choir, Dramatic, Orchestral and Literary Groups. I feel that there are still many people who would benefit from joining these groups and I ask you all to do all in your power to enlist new members.

The promising child born a year ago has now started to toddle and to speak, and at this interesting stage, I as one of it's guardians feel proud of it's progress. From year to year we hope to see the child grow both in stature and understanding.

To all those who have helped me as President during the past year I tender my sincere thanks.

John S. Harris